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Where To Buy Safe Hoverboards ((EXCLUSIVE))

Shopping for a hoverboard for kids? With tons of options on the market (that all seem to offer the same thing!) it can quickly get frustrating. How are the hoverboards different? Which differences even matter? Why is one more expensive than another? And are hoverboards even safe??

where to buy safe hoverboards

To get to the bottom of the issue, we spent two months personally testing eight hoverboards for kids. At the end of the day, we discovered that most hoverboards really are quite similar; you could spend hours online reading product descriptions and come away none the wiser.

Hoverboards catching fire has been an issue since they first came on the market in 2015, and continues to be an issue today. The first, and largest, recall occurred in 2016 when the CPSC issued a recall for over 500,000 hoverboards from 10 different companies. (CPSC = Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Since the 2016 recall, there were several additional recalls in 2017, and one in 2021, for a total of over 750,000 recalled hoverboards to date. In every instance, the recall was due to the lithium-ion battery packs that could overheat, catch fire, and/or explode.

Second piece of advice: UL 2272 certification does not guarantee that your battery will not overheat or catch fire. Many UL 2272 compliant hoverboards have caught fire. Exercise caution when riding or charging any hoverboard.

So if lithium-ion batteries are such a problem, why do most hoverboards use them? Despite the potential safety issues, they (1) are small, (2) have high energy density, and (3) are cost effective. Over the years, lithium-ion batteries have gotten safer, in part due to battery management systems (BMS) that prevent the battery voltage from reaching unsafe levels. However, they still have plenty of risk factors, even with the new BMS. Safer battery technology is simply more expensive.

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is a newer type of lithium-ion battery that is considered to be much safer than the standard lithium-ion batteries used in hoverboards. Currently, Swagtron is the only brand to be using LiFePO4 batteries in their hoverboards. Despite the higher cost of these safer batteries, Swagtron has worked hard to keep the prices of their hoverboards affordable.

In our experience, hoverboards have a steeper learning curve with timid kids. While all kids should always wear a helmet when riding a hoverboard, additional protective gear like knee and elbow pads or wrist guards may also be a good idea for young kids just learning.

"Hoverboards have a very low center of gravity, increasing the risk of falls. Riding one safely requires a good amount of core strength to maintain your balance. It often looks a lot easier to ride one than it really is."

Reports of fire sparked by hoverboards rose dramatically in 2016, just as hoverboard sales skyrocketed. The CPSC estimated that more than $2 million in property damage in 2016 had been caused by hoverboard fires.

Like smartphones and laptops, hoverboards come equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are advantageous for a few reasons: they charge faster, last longer, and have a better power-to-weight ratio. But they aren't without risk, as evidenced by the number of hoverboard fires they have caused.

How can you be sure a new hoverboard is UL 2272 compliant? When buying a new hoverboard, look for the UL certification mark on the packaging. This mark indicates that the hoverboard is a compliant product. And only buy from reputable sources. Don't buy from sellers who list hoverboards at clearance prices, or who claim that a hoverboard's battery is UL compliant (UL 2272 compliance covers the entire hoverboard). For more information, the CPSC has a Hoverboard Information Center where you can learn about recalls and additional safety tips.

As with bikes, skateboards, and scooters, wearing protective gear when riding a hoverboard can prevent serious injuries. Unfortunately, hoverboards pose other risks. They can spontaneously combust, causing fire damage and personal injury. Be sure to check the recall status of your hoverboard before you ride or charge it.

Skateboards and hoverboards have prompted thousands of visits each year to emergency rooms nationwide. The most common injuries include fractures, bruises and sprains. While injuries most commonly involve the wrists, riders also hurt their forearms and heads during accidents and falls.

Overall, the best modern hoverboards are safe for a child to use, as well as an adult. There have been safety issues in the past, and there certainly are risks to riding one of these boards. The big thing is making sure you understand how to properly ride your hoverboard safely.

When these boards first became popular, many companies rushed products to market that did not meet safety standards as set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. There were numerous reports of hoverboards catching fire. This was due to the inclusion of low-quality lithium-ion batteries. Reports of these fires have greatly lessened since 2016, as modern boards tend to feature well-built lithium batteries. Manufacturers have begun doing their homework, ensuring that these batteries do not cause fires.

Safe hoverboards and hoverboard brands typically provide a safety certification, which alerts riders that the risk of injuries from hoverboards is minimal. This certification typically comes in the form of a UL 2272 safety certification, which ensures products meet certain safety standards and avoid a number of common hazards, such as low-grade batteries. For example, the XtremepowerUS Hoverboard is UL 2272-certified. This certification sets a good safety standard for hoverboard manufacturers and should put people at ease when making a purchase, as one can rest assured the level of safety is high. Now that you know how to stay safe while riding, check out how fast a hoverboard can go so you can start having fun.

Hoverboards were officially created in 2013 and sold quickly to people eager to hit the roads and ride fast. The exact inventor remains controversial (both China and the United States are involved), while the invention itself also has its fair share of problems. Hoverboard safety issues revealed themselves almost immediately after the toys came out, prompting retailers like Amazon to pull them from the market.

UL does conduct drop tests for hoverboards, but eventually, all hoverboards will break if you smash them around. Keep your board protected by not taking too many risks and not going off-road unless you have an all-terrain hoverboard specifically designed for the task. You should try not to crash just for your own safety, as well, so hopefully bashing up your hoverboard is not something you intended to do.

Hoverboard recalls appear to have been clustered between 2016-2017. Now, most big brands are springing for the UL 2272 certification, a relatively new set of safety requirements that significantly lowers the risk of hoverboard fires.

If you are still wary of hoverboards because of early horror stories, you can rest easy. The safety requirements have significantly improved in a very short time, so if you get a UL-certified hoverboard, things will probably be just fine.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has one important thing going for it: The brand name. Along with Swagtron, Razor is perhaps the best known maker of scooters (both hovering and non-hovering varieties). It also boasts a somewhat more powerful set of motors than usual; while most hoverboards use a pair of 250-watt motors or smaller, Razor uses 350-watt motors instead, which gives it a max capacity of 220 pounds and a maximum range of 60 minutes (about 8 miles, give or take).

Although riding the GT might appear akin to skateboarding, the experience really feels more like snowboarding. With one foot on either side of the central wheel, you lean in all four directions to accelerate, slow down and turn. This well-designed board features concave footpads with grip tape to help you stay put as you ride, and adjustable, 500-lumen headlights so you can ride safely at night. While the price tag is too high for many riders, this board is ideal for those who want to dive into the sport and ride regularly.

Most hoverboards are made for all ages (including this one), but just by looking at its design, you can tell the Tomoloo Hoverboard was built primarily for kids. The main reason: this thing is eye-catching and colorful.

Some hoverboard models are water resistant, but they are not waterproof. Generally speaking, you should avoid riding your hoverboard through water or exposing it to excess moisture. But if you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, look for hoverboards with an IP rating that indicates water resistance.

Take the time to look at and research the product you buy. If it is compliant with federal standards, inspections, and certifications, it will have a mark on it or indicate such on its packaging, on the device itself, or on its charging equipment. Devices not bearing a mark indicating compliance likely have not been tested to meet minimum safety standards.

Buy a device with a warranty, or buy it in person at a brick and mortar store. If you are buying online, buy from a reputable source. Also, check with your retailer regarding the safety of the device you are purchasing.

The maker of the Hover-1 Superfly Hoverboard is urging owners to stop using the 2020 model of the device, saying it can keep moving even when its operator wants the hoverboard to remain still. DGL Group, the maker, has issued a safety recall for about 93,000 hoverboards, the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Thursday.

All of the models in question are black, with blue LED lights on the front and top of the hoverboard's deck, where the user stands. The company says units in the recall have serial numbers on the bottom of the board that start with either SPFY-BLK-GO-2008, SPFY-BLK-GO-2009 or SPFY-BLK-GO-2010.

Switch on the lights, pump up the built-in bluetooth speaker, and have a family hoverboard dance party. Better yet, install one of the manufacturer's hoverboard apps to track distance and customize skill levels. Or engage in a bit of healthy family competition with in-app hoverboard challenges. No matter if you are spinning 360s or just cruising with the wind in your hair, the best hoverboards for kids will keep the inner child in everyone smiling. (And keep us parents feeling young, too.) 041b061a72

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