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Parayi Petta Panthirukulam Malayalam PDF: How to Read and Enjoy the Classic Stories

<h1>Parayipettapanthirukulammalayalampdfdownload: A Guide to the Legendary Folklore of Kerala</h1>

<p>If you are interested in the rich and diverse culture of Kerala, you might want to download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF and read about the fascinating stories of the twelve siblings who were born to a Brahmin scholar and a Paraya woman. Parayipettapanthirukulam, which means "the twelve clans born of a Paraya woman", is a popular folktale that has been passed down for generations in Kerala. It tells the tale of how Vararuchi, one of the nine wise men of Emperor Vikramaditya's court, married Panchami, a girl belonging to Paraya, a lower caste. The couple set out on a long pilgrimage and were blessed with twelve children on the way. However, Vararuchi asked his wife to abandon each child as soon as they were born, if they had a mouth. He believed that God would provide for those who had a mouth. Panchami obeyed him until the twelfth child, who was born without a mouth. Vararuchi then consecrated this child as a deity on top of a hill, which is now known as Vaayillakkunnilappan temple.</p>


<p>The eleven abandoned children were adopted and brought up by different families from various sections of society. They grew up to become famous and influential figures in their respective fields, such as literature, architecture, music, agriculture, engineering, and so on. They also had supernatural powers and performed miracles. Despite their different caste and social ranks, these families were traditionally bound together by rituals and religious customs. They are believed to be the descendants of Vararuchi and Panchami.</p>

<h2>Why You Should Download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF</h2>

<p>Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the legendary folklore of Kerala. It contains the following benefits:</p>


<li>It gives you an insight into the history and culture of Kerala, especially during the time of Emperor Vikramaditya.</li>

<li>It showcases the diversity and harmony of Kerala society, where people from different castes and religions coexisted peacefully.</li>

<li>It inspires you with the stories of the twelve siblings who overcame their humble origins and achieved greatness in their respective fields.</li>

<li>It entertains you with the witty and humorous dialogues, the thrilling adventures, and the miraculous deeds of the characters.</li>

<li>It enriches your vocabulary and literary skills with the beautiful and poetic language of Malayalam.</li>


<h3>How to Download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF</h3>

<p>If you are ready to download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF and enjoy reading this amazing folktale, you can follow these simple steps:</p>


<li>Go to <a href="">this link</a>, which will take you to the website.</li>

<li>Scroll down to find the section that says "Download Options". You will see various formats available for download, such as PDF, EPUB, Kindle, etc.</li>

<li>Select the format that suits your device and preference. For example, if you want to download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF, click on the PDF option.</li>

<li>A new window will open with the file ready for download. Click on the download button or right-click and save as to save it on your device.</li>

<li>Once the download is complete, you can open the file and start reading Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF.</li>


<p>We hope you enjoy reading Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF and learning more about the legendary folklore of Kerala. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and family who might also be interested in this topic. Thank you for reading!</p>

<h4>Who are the Twelve Siblings of Parayipettapanthirukulam?</h4>

<p>One of the most interesting aspects of Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF is the description of the twelve siblings who were born to Vararuchi and Panchami. Each of them had a unique name and personality, and they belonged to different castes and professions. Here is a brief introduction to each of them:</p>


<li>Mezhathol Agnihothri: He was the eldest son and a Brahmin priest. He was well-versed in the Vedas and performed fire sacrifices. He was also a great astrologer and mathematician.</li>

<li>Pakkanar: He was the second son and a Parayan, who made baskets out of bamboo. He was a saintly person who cremated the dead bodies of the poor and built small tombs for them. He had the power to talk to ghosts and spirits.</li>

<li>Rajakan: He was the third son and a washerman. He was an expert in washing clothes and removing stains. He also had a keen sense of justice and helped the oppressed.</li>

<li>Naranath Bhranthan: He was the fourth son and an Ambalavasi, who performed temple services. He was a divine madman who roamed around the hills, rolling huge boulders up and down. He symbolized the futility of worldly pursuits and the need for detachment.</li>

<li>Karakkalamma: She was the fifth child and the only daughter. She was a royal Kshatriya woman who married the king of Karakkal. She was brave, beautiful, and generous. She also had the power to heal diseases and bless people.</li>

<li>Akavoor Chathan: He was the sixth son and a farmer. He was a hardworking and honest person who cultivated his land with care. He also became a caretaker of a temple and served the deity with devotion.</li>

<li>Vaduthala Nair: He was the seventh son and a Nair soldier. He was a valiant warrior who fought for his king and country. He also had a soft heart and helped the needy.</li>

<li>Vallon: He was the eighth son and a Pulaya, who worked as an agricultural laborer. He was a humble and simple person who loved nature. He also had a musical talent and played the flute.</li>

<li>Uppukottan: He was the ninth son and a Muslim trader. He was a wealthy and successful merchant who traded in spices, perfumes, and jewels. He also had a generous spirit and donated to charities.</li>

<li>Paananaar: He was the tenth son and a folk musician. He was a master of playing the panan, a stringed instrument similar to the veena. He also composed songs and poems on various themes.</li>

<li>Perumthachan: He was the eleventh son and an engineer and architect. He was a genius in designing and constructing temples, palaces, bridges, and dams. He also had a magical axe that could cut any material.</li>

<li>Vayillakkunnilappan: He was the twelfth son and a hill lord without mouth. He was born without a mouth as his mother lied to his father that he didn't have one. He was worshipped as a deity by his parents and devotees.</li>


<h5>What are the Benefits of Reading Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF?</h5>

<p>Reading Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF is not only entertaining but also educational. It offers you several benefits, such as:</p>


<li>It helps you to appreciate the diversity and richness of Kerala culture, which is reflected in the stories of the twelve siblings.</li>

<li>It teaches you moral values and life lessons, such as compassion, honesty, courage, humility, detachment, generosity, etc.</li>

<li>It stimulates your imagination and creativity, as you visualize the characters, settings, events, and dialogues in your mind.</li>

<li>It enhances your language skills, as you learn new words, phrases, idioms, proverbs, etc., in Malayalam.</li>

<li>It increases your knowledge and curiosity about various topics, such as history, geography, mythology, astrology, mathematics, music, architecture, etc.</li>


<p>Therefore, reading Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF is a worthwhile activity that can enrich your mind and soul. You can download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF from the link given above and enjoy reading this classic folktale at your leisure.</p>


<p>Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF is a great source of entertainment and education for anyone who loves reading folktales. It tells the story of the twelve siblings who were born to a Brahmin scholar and a Paraya woman, and how they became famous and influential in their respective fields. It also showcases the diversity and harmony of Kerala society, where people from different castes and religions coexisted peacefully. Reading Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF can help you to appreciate the culture and history of Kerala, learn moral values and life lessons, stimulate your imagination and creativity, enhance your language skills, and increase your knowledge and curiosity about various topics. You can download Parayipettapanthirukulam Malayalam PDF from the link given in this article and enjoy reading this classic folktale at your leisure. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Thank you for reading!</p> ca3e7ad8fd

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