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Qwil Messenger Download: The Benefits of Using the Desktop and Mobile App

Qwil Messenger: A Secure and Professional Chat Platform for Your Business

If you are looking for a way to communicate with your clients, colleagues, and team members in a secure, compliant, and efficient manner, you might want to check out Qwil Messenger. Qwil Messenger is a chat platform that offers a range of features to help you boost your client relationships and increase your productivity. In this article, we will explain what Qwil Messenger is, why you need it, what are its main features, and how to download and use it.

qwil messenger download

What is Qwil Messenger and why do you need it?

Qwil Messenger is a secure and compliant alternative to Whatsapp and other social chat platforms

The consensus among experts is clear: just don't use social chat platforms for your business. They are not designed for professional use and they pose serious risks to your data security, privacy, and compliance. You don't want to expose your sensitive information or your clients' personal data to hackers, third parties, or regulators.

That's why you need Qwil Messenger. Qwil Messenger is a chat platform that is built for businesses that want it all: security, compliance, control, and convenience. With Qwil Messenger, you can own all your staff and client conversations with a full audit trail. You can choose cloud hosting options that meet your security and compliance needs. You can encrypt your data, support data privacy compliance globally (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, HIPAA etc), and get ISO 27001 certified.

Qwil Messenger helps you boost your client relationships and increase your efficiency

But Qwil Messenger is not just about security and compliance. It's also about enhancing your client experience and improving your workflow. With Qwil Messenger, you can:

  • Chat instantly, easily , and securely , with anyone in your network

  • Start virtual meetings in one click from within a chat

  • Manage all your documents in one secure place and share them with anyone in a chat

  • Request and collect e-signatures from your clients in a simple and convenient way

By using Qwil Messenger, you can provide a seamless and professional service to your clients, while saving time and money on communication and administration tasks.

What are the main features of Qwil Messenger?

Chat: Secure chat made simple for your business

Stay in touch with clients, colleagues, and your team easily with a secure banking-grade app

Qwil Messenger lets you chat with anyone in your network, whether they are staff or clients, in a secure and compliant way. You can send messages, images, videos, voice notes, emojis, and more. You can also create group chats for different topics or projects. All your chats are encrypted end-to-end and stored securely in the cloud. You can also delete messages or chats if you need to.

Effortlessly manage conversations and add participants as needed

Qwil Messenger makes it easy to manage your conversations and keep them organized. You can archive chats that you don't need anymore, mute notifications for chats that are not urgent, or pin chats that are important. You can also add or remove participants from a chat at any time, without losing the chat history. You can also block or report users if they are spamming or harassing you.

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Stay connected on the go, whether you're on desktop or mobile

Qwil Messenger works seamlessly across devices, so you can stay connected wherever you are. You can use Qwil Messenger on your desktop or laptop computer, or on your smartphone or tablet. You can also switch between devices without losing your chats or files. Qwil Messenger syncs all your data across devices, so you can pick up where you left off.

Virtual meetings: Start virtual meetings in one click

Instantly go from a chat to video conference directly from Qwil

Sometimes, a chat is not enough and you need to see or hear the person you're talking to. With Qwil Messenger, you can start a video call or audio call directly from a chat, without leaving the app or using another tool. You can also invite other participants to join the call, even if they are not in the chat. Qwil Messenger supports up to 50 participants per call.

Share your screen, send messages and documents in the same conversation

During a video call or audio call, you can also share your screen with the other participants, so you can show them what you're working on or explain something visually. You can also send messages and documents in the same chat while you're on the call, so you can keep everything in one place and avoid switching between apps.

Schedule your next meeting from with participants in the risk of unwelcome guests!

If you want to schedule a meeting for later, you can do that easily from Qwil Messenger as well. You can create an event in the chat and invite the participants you want. You can also set reminders and notifications for the event. When it's time for the meeting, you can start the call from the chat with one click. No need to share links or passwords with anyone...only the invited participants can join the call.

Document management: Keep all your files safe in one place

Take full control of the storage, management, and distribution of electronic documents within the security of Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger is not just a chat's also a document management system. You can store all your files securely in Qwil Messenger and access them from any device. You can also control who can view, edit, download, or share your files. You can set expiration dates for files, revoke access at any time, or delete files permanently.

No need for a separate portal or document repository for your clients

With Qwil Messenger, you don't need to use another portal or document repository for your clients. You can send and receive files directly in a chat with your clients, without leaving the app or using email attachments. Your clients can also access all the files that have been sent in any chat from their Qwil account.

Easily access, view and share all the documents that have been sent in any chat from any device

Qwil Messenger makes it easy to find and view all the documents that have been sent in any chat. You can see all the files that have been sent in a chat in a separate tab within the chat window. You can also filter by file type (pdf, doc, xls, etc) or search by file name. You can also preview the files in the app or download them to your device. You can also share files with other chats or users from within the chat.

e-Signatures: Simplify signature requests via chat

From sales contracts to account openings, increase your organisations efficiency and transform your business with electronic signatures

Qwil Messenger also allows you to request and collect e-signatures from your clients in a fast and convenient way. You can use Qwil Messenger to send any document that requires a signature, such as contracts, agreements, forms, etc. You can also customize the signature request with your own message and instructions.

Simply send a signature request in a chat and keep everything within the context of a conversation

To request a signature from your client, you just need to send the document in a chat and select the option to request a signature. Your client will receive a notification and a message with the document and the signature request. Your client can then review the document and sign it electronically with their finger or stylus on their device. You will receive a confirmation message when the document is signed.

Track your document through every step of the process. Qwil maintains a full audit trail

You can also track the status of your signature requests in Qwil Messenger. You can see if the document has been viewed, signed, or declined by your client. You can also send reminders or cancel the request if needed. Qwil Messenger also maintains a full audit trail of every action taken on the docu

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